Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The WUFO Blog, Pt. 2

Regionals: 16 teams, double elimination, 2 spots to Nationals

Day 1:
Game 1: Williams vs. Boston College
We're seeded 3 in the tournament, BC is seeded 14. We're not expecting much. Surprised to find that BC has a decent offense built around a couple of strong deep threats. However, this is the only dimension to their offense and they often turn the disc under pressure. Our consistent offense rarely turns the disc, and we easily win. Williams 15, Boston College 9.

Game 2: Williams vs. Brown
Brown is a shadow of their former glory. They're a fairly smart team, but we dominate every single match-up on athleticism. After some opening jitters, we force several turns and take half 8-6. They seem to give up in the second half, regularly dropping or tossing away the disc. Williams 15, Brown 9.

Game 3: Williams vs. Tufts
Tufts is the 2 seed, and is the first serious threat we've faced. Their offense is crisp and they actually put forth a defensive effort. The teams seem to be very evenly matched, but we go up 13-10, two goals from victory. Then bad things begin to happen. The wind picks up, we commit unforced errors, and soon it is 14-14. We turn again. We commit an offsides violation on the next pull and receive the disc midway in our endzone, with Tufts allowed to set a defense before play starts. An ill-advised short throw becomes and Callahan. Tufts 16, Williams 14. Another loss sends us home.

Day 2
Game 4: Williams vs. Boston College
Ho! Apparently BC was underseeded, and is one of only six teams to make the second day of regionals. This game is a carbon copy of the first. Williams 15, Boston College 10.

Game 5: Williams vs. UMass
UMass is exhausted, as a second round loss to Tufts made them play four games on Day 1. We take advantage and get several early breaks, then trade points for the second half, conserving our energy for the final. Williams 15, UMass 11.

Game 6: Williams vs. Middlebury
Wow, regionals looks a lot like sectionals. Unfortunately, Midd just lost a heartbreaker to Tufts and their star deep has been injured. The winner of this game goes to nationals. They are wounded but not crippled and we trade through the first half. Midd takes two breaks in the second half, but their rotation has little depth and they start to tire. We regain one of the breaks. At 11-12, Midd receives the disc and soon turns. We're rather exhausted ourselves and begin a back and forth of bad decisions and stellar d's. Eventually, Midd takes the point, but the damage is done; their line is utterly spent. We hold, 12-13, they hold 12-14, we hold 13-14, to the best of my recollection. We break. 14-14. The game should now be played to 16. We can breathe. The pull goes up, Midd receiving, and the hard cap horn sounds, indicating game point for both teams. We force a turn and a huck to Kieran Brennan clinches the victory. We're going to nationals. Williams 15, Middlebury 14.

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