Sunday, November 29, 2009

Listening Journal

I've been preoccupied lately and unsure of what to do with the blog. Too tired to think of a good song for each day, not focused enough to write a book, movie or TV review, though I've seen and read plenty of good stuff lately. Personal life uneventful - working, waiting to hear back from grad schools. I finally purchased a Zune and it's delightful. Whereas I used to try to acquire only the most important album or two from artists I like, I'm now free to download entire discographies. Along those lines, I'm going to try to keep an online listening journal, recording a few notes about each album I hear, whether it's new or completely familiar. Since I'm often listening to albums only once or twice right now, I won't assign ratings to anything, and I will probably write in bullet points. It's my notebook, and you're welcome to read it.

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