Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Play Awkward Table

The rules for one of my favorite travel games, best played among people who already know each other a bit:

You are planning a dinner for yourself and five guests. Your goal is to determine which five guests would make the meal most awkward for you. Players spend a few minutes selecting guests, then, in whatever order is most convenient, reveal their selections and reasons. You must already know all of your guests personally, and their presence must be uniquely awkward for you. For example, you cannot simply choose a coworker who is universally disliked, and who could be the guest of any person in her workplace. You could choose a universally disliked coworker who has been especially antagonistic toward you. Similarly, while you are encouraged to select guests with awkward relationships amongst themselves, their individual relationships toward you must also be awkward. For example, your best friend and his ex might hate one another, but he, being your best friend, is not welcome at the awkward table. Finally, it is best to keep explanations under 3 minutes per guest.

I have always ended this game knowing quite a bit more about my friends.

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