Monday, April 6, 2009

Fresh Musings

My former blog, From The Mouths of Babes, is no more. I had not composed a new post in many months, I was dissatisfied with many of its entries and its title was a cliche with a word or two wrong. In that blog, I tried to write in a tone of perpetual indignation that I grew weary of reading and wearier of maintaining. I wrote in a style sometimes my own, but more often in that of a stranger that I came to dislike. In this blog, I will always write as myself, and I will not place any restrictions on my subject matter. I will often write about music. I might occasionally write about politics. Most often, I will write about my life, and I will expunge the boring parts. My writings will occasionally include PG-level swear words, distasteful humor, and mentions of beer consumed in moderation. You have been warned.

The title of my blog is a portmanteau of "This Charming Man," a wonderful song by the Smiths and of the "mancub" title given to the boy Mowgli in the Disney classic "The Jungle Book." I am indeed charming (sometimes), and in age and maturity, I am somewhere between boyhood and manhood.

I conclude with hyperbolic claims about the benefits of reading this blog: Reading "This Charming Mancub" will cure erectile dysfunction. Reading "This Charming Mancub" will replace Facebook stalking as your preferred online activity. Reading "This Charming Mancub" will inspire J.K. Rowling to write an 8th Harry Potter novel.

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  1. I'm glad that your present self is still "confident" if no longer indignant.