Friday, May 15, 2009

Horrible Cinema, Essential Review

"Renowned scheister Dan Brown nervously fingered his stack of gold coins, a sign of both his vast fortune and his insecurity."

Oops. I wasn't supposed to do that. The new Dan Brown novel isn't slated for release for some time, and now I will likely have to spend the next 500 pages running from the hordes of ancient secret societies at Brown's command.

In fact, today marks the release of the film adaptation of Brown's Angels and Demons, whose sequel, the Da Vinci Code, is undoubtedly the worst novel I have ever finished, and I did not bother with the film. However, this New Yorker review of both is so amusing that it almost makes me grateful for the novel's existence.

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  1. Anthony Lane in linked review: "You are statistically more likely to squeeze a decent movie out of a potboiler than you are out of a novel of high repute."

    Couldn't agree more.