Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life Things

1. After a bit of limbo, I have a new job, still at the Big N, filling web orders. After one day, it's fun and it keeps me in motion, always a good thing. Better pay, better hours and all that jazz.

2. Got into Michigan's chemistry PhD program today. I received a voicemail that stated "We were incredibly impressed with your application." I thought very seriously about attending as an undergrad, while their program doesn't have the history of the some of others I applied to, they've got a reputation as a department on the rise. The stipend is good, and I could start this June. I now have two acceptances, hopefully with more to come. I will continue to think on this through March.

3. Just finished reading John Updike's short story "The Christian Roommates," which bore startling resemblance to my first year of college. Also contains the phrase that I think best summarizes Updike's approach to charcterization, "a kind of scar he carries without pain and without any clear memory of the amputation," because Updike never crafts characters through start dramatic junctures and moments of moral decision. An excellent story.

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